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Come check out what’s new! Here you can find many goodies; ranging from the hugely popular, amusing and gripping tales from the farm at the Farm Blog, to the entertaining and captivating Top 10’s and Book Reviews. Don’t miss out on the Projects that we Showcase all around the Mediterranean, and let us know if you’d like us to showcase your Project! Just get in touch with us in the Contact Form at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

This Week’s Inspiring Videos!


  1. Mediterranean Tree Guilds That Work
    Here we see Loren Luyendyk show a forest garden
    that he established 7 years ago. Informative!
  2. A Thriving 23 Year Old Forest Garden
    Set in South Island New Zealand,Robert and Robyn
    Guyton take you on a tour of productive ecosystem
    regeneration. Astonishing!
  3. A 20 Year Old Backyard Orchard in Italy
    Jagannath K The Natural farmer takes you on a tour
    through an ‘old’ and well established orchard.
    Mediterranean Inspiration? Yes!

Let us know if you have suggestions for inspiring videos!

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Invitation! Showcase your Permaculture Project, Share your Journey

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