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5 Mediterranean climate regions

Not many people know that the Mediterranean climate occurs not only in the Mediterranean Basin, but extends to four other regions in the world, comprising a total of five regions worldwide that share similar climatic characteristics. You can probably guess which five these are if you think of the main wine regions in the world: California, Chile, Southern Australia, South Africa, and of course the Mediterranean. This list gives you a general idea and is not precise, for instance it is actually the states of Southern and South-Western Australia that in part have Mediterranean climates, and it’s not the whole of South Africa but merely the region surrounding the Southern Cape that has it, nor do all of Chile or California have Mediterranean climates. The following K√∂ppen Climate Classification map shows more clearly the boundaries of these regions:

Take some time to look at the image and try to find the two main patterns that these Mediterranean climates share. One of the core skills in permaculture design is exactly this, it’s observing and discerning the language that underlies common natural patterns; whether it’s on a world map, or in the physical landscape.