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Welcome to Here you can read a bit of the vision that we are developing, and how it all started. Our platform is very young and in full development, contact us if you want to contribute!

Mediterranean Permaculture is a platform to promote Mediterranean climate permaculture practises. Our origins are in Portugal, from where we represent the Mediterranean basin. We are working hard to create a fun and educational environment on the website, where like-minded people can find useful information, have access to online and on land courses, and get in touch with professionals if they need support in their projects. Additionally Mediterranean Permaculture is developing a feature where users can be part of an online community and share their own experiences and insights with others (contact us if you have good ideas of how we can do this.) was founded by Dennis Posthumus in 2016 after moving to the Algarve in Portugal with his lovely family. Soon after he convinced his partner in crime Alexandra to support him and from there the ball started rolling! At the farm where Dennis works he found many allies to team up with, and also established partnerships with a diverse group of professionals ranging from designers, to farmers, to film makers, and entrepreneurs.

There are many amazing people out there, doing amazing things. We can learn from them, and be inspired to act. As Masunobu Fukuoka said: “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” The aim then is to become better, every day again. We would love it if you joined us on this adventure to make the Mediterranean climates of the world more resilient, the need is more present than ever. See you around!


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