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Have a look at the growing number of courses, trainings, and events that we host. Our offerings are changing all the time, so make sure to sign up and stay up to date. If you want to advertise your permaculture courses, give us feedback or if you have interesting suggestions let us know in the contact form!

A short introduction about our courses, trainings and events. We aim to support different groups of learners. One is the permaculture community. There are many permaculture courses out there already, such as Introduction to Permaculture or the standard PDC. Our permaculture courses build off this base foundation, and explore themes such as Forestry, Horticulture, Water Management, Commercial Production and Entrepreneurship. Our aim is always to balance practical skill with theoretical foundations.

Also we aim to support local and regional farmers. We are setting up training programs drawn from permaculture courses for organic/biological production, and will host seminars at venues together with local action groups such as transition towns. Have a look below if something interests you and let us know if you are missing anything.

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