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Welcome to Mediterranean Permaculture, where you will find almost everything about Mediterranean climate permaculture. Please have a look around, check our permaculture courses and webinars, read our in-depth articles and Top 10 lists of useful Mediterranean climate plants and trees. Join our community and have fun!

Top 10 Essential Mediterranean Fire Resistant Trees

Top 10 Mediterranean Climate Fire Resistant Trees Welcome to part one out of four in the series FIRE: Mediterranean Climate Permaculture Design. This first episode is a simple Top 10 of Mediterranean Fire Resistant Trees. I hope it will spark your interest, and make...

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Top 10 Mediterranean Low Maintenance and High Yield Trees

This is the Top 10 of Mediterranean high yield low maintenance trees. An alternate title would be "10 Trees Every Mediterranean Forest Garden Should Have", and they are traditionally in orchards known as Mediterranean Rainfed Gardens.   The Mediterranean climate is a...

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